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Modify Instructional Strategy: Have students think about the various places in their lives: home, school, and other places that are part of their experience. List roles that are fairly standard as well as roles that may be unique to you.

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There are a wide variety of scaffolding strategies that teachers employ. Recall that you can also go to the idea back you created earlier in the year to see if you have any good ideas for your article.

For example, when students are discovering the formula for the Pythagorean Theorem in math class, the teacher may identify hints or cues to help the student reach an even higher level of thinking. More support is offered when a child is having difficulty with a particular task and, over time, less support is provided as the child makes gains on the task.

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Unfortunately, applying scaffolding correctly and consistently can be difficult when the classroom is large and students have various needs Gallagher, The concept of transfer focuses on a learner's ability to apply learned tasks in a context other than the modality in which it was learned.

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Instructional scaffolding