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The churches there are clean. He could not conceive the idea of divine atonement and forgiveness through the death of Jesus on the cross. He often was disturbed by and expressed his dissatisfaction with the exclusive claims of Christianity. Hence, they regarded religions as equally valid.

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Do not tell a Hindu what he or she believes since Hinduism is an extremely diverse religion with each individual having a different expression of Hindu belief and practice. He could see no reason for Christ and Christianity to be superior to Hinduism or Buddhism. Throughout his life upon earth, Jesus said to have opposed accumulation of wealth, greed, violence, discrimination, and self-interest whereas the organizations that promote conversions are mostly situated in countries that have a long history of racism, unjust accumulation of wealth, oppression, exploitation, discrimination, promiscuity, and inhuman treatment of the people they conquered.

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There is a marketing side to every organized conversion. Some of them receive their funding from Christian organizations who have a vested interest in academically downgrading and showing Hinduism in poorer light in comparison to Christianity.

Jesus emptied himself so completely that he became the transparent medium in which God indwells and through which men can see God and know him Thomas For Further Research.

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Indian Christians, in particular, gave room for suspicion about their loyalty to the Indian National Congress It is a type of morality, but the goal of morality is not to keep the high morality of a moral God. They were eager to adopt a new lifestyle. Brahman — Brahman is the divine essence that is at the heart of all things in the universe. Similarly, the so-called Christian states of Nagaland and Mizoram have had a resurgence of separatist movements in the past decades. And this is the part that you'll find hard to believe, but there's human excrement as well. Thus, Hindus tend to differentiate between the core of Jesus teachings, which they revere and are open to follow, and Western churchianity, which they vehemently oppose. For the missionaries engaged in conversions they are the untouchables, and the most dangerous, because they would oppose conversions and counter their efforts. Change of religion also amounts to looking down on ones traditional religion, society, caste and family. However, in urban areas, where traditional values and religious beliefs do not exert much influence, people have the freedom to choose their partners. So is uniqueness actually about the self-emptying nature of Christ, his vulnerability? His main objection to the proselytizing efforts of the Christian missionaries was that it denationalized people, divided families and broke society. Moreover, their insistence on self-experience Anubhav led them to neglect the centrality of the Bible. According to Thomas, he did this for two reasons: Dr. Making the Connection between Hindu Beliefs and the Gospel of Jesus Christ At first glance, it might be difficult to envision how a connection from these Hindu concepts can be made, but it can be done.
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How to share the gospel to Hindus