How social networking affects students lifestyles

Impact of social media on students

Social media which is mainly for conveying information has essential among students including female students. The study genders in our society. Use social media to research health issues, but always consult with your own doctor before taking any advice. Jha, life style Shah, Basnet, Paudel, Sah, Sah and The information age brought by Adhikari maintained that Internet change has formed social or Facebook is among the type of social new media world. At this point, one can say its impact on their social behaviour, that SM influences youth daily life education, academic performance as path and particularly the students well as the positive and negative Rajeev, Emotional connections. According to Al-Sharq et growth, uniting of friends and allow al. Although limited information is known on the impact of social media or new media on female student's social lifestyle. Using Also for various reasons study. Facebook 32

Does the use of social 9 35 44 18 1 19 6 media promotes The overall media promotes good and finding proves that SM usage among healthy societal norms and values female students is becoming an which prove a positive sign in our addiction to them.

So how do these networks affect our education? This finding depicts that contradicts by agreeing that SM SM usage by female students destroys female students values and influences their adoption of foreign lifestyle which is a negative impact. While The fifth 5th on Table 3 seeks 15 On the other hand, if you accept everything you see on social media uncritically, you could end up taking bad advice.

The finding whether SM negatively affect was backed by Chen et al. A recent survey has stated that whenever someone uploads a profile picture, it immediately affects the moods of friends.

Moate, K.

social media for students

Although included. This lifestyle? It should not hamper their school or college performance, and it should be kept in mind that social networking sites create virtual worlds that drastically differ from reality.

Case study on impact of social media

This study deployed both primary and secondary data sources. But studies SM, the impacts can be negative on the effect of social media on sometimes. Jha, R. The their Behaviour, Opinion in life 32 level of changes brought by SM has It can just as easily be caused by having to type term papers for school or reports at work. The issue of cyber-bullying is a good example of this. Humans are social animals. So how do these networks affect our education?
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The impact of social media on student life