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Research Issues, 18 3 In online and hybrid courses, create activities within the learning management system to allow for greater collaboration amongst students and interaction with the content. The participants are then tasked to write down the one good and one bad performance-wise point they noticed in the video clip.

As Gagne et al 13 suggest, previously acquired knowledge must be accessible during the process of the current learning event.

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One recent article reports the use of Gagne's theory to keep students engaged using mobile technology. There should be an understanding of the basic anatomy and physiology of the eye.

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If you use this approach before any type of training session or presentation, you'll remember how to structure your session so that your people get the best possible learning experience. Krause, R.

Gagnes nine levels of learning

Ensure the learners are motivated to learn and participate in activities by presenting a stimulus to gain their attention. Moderate discussions about the poll results. Ways to provide learning guidance include: Concept mapping for associations Mnemonics to cue and prompt learning Role playing for visualization of application Case studies for real world application Analogies to help knowledge construction Graphics to make visual associations 6. Tip: Step 2 of the Communication Cycle can help you to identify the best way to present your information. How to use Gagne's model of instructional design in teaching psychomotor skills. Level 4: Presenting the Stimulus Selective Perception Present the new information to the group in an effective manner. Every time someone visits me from a class I taught and feel comfortable asking me for help I get a huge sense of satisfaction. With learning guidance, the rate of learning increases because students are less likely to lose time or become frustrated by basing performance on incorrect facts or poorly understood concepts. Utilize rubrics when grading activities that are not standard exam and quiz questions. Utilize peer-evaluation and self-evaluation or self-assessment methods. Gagne's Nine Levels of Learning provide a step-by-step approach that can help managers, trainers, and facilitators structure their training so that their students or teams get the most from their learning opportunities. Prospective longitudinal studies are needed to evaluate the impact of using Gagne's theory in nursing education. References 1. Conclusions This study included the integration of Gagne's 9 events of instruction into a prelicensure medical-surgical nursing course over 3 semesters. In this article and infographic, we'll examine Gagne's Nine Levels of Learning, and we'll review how to apply this tool when training your team.

Regardless, making your examples applicable to your learners will help enhance their retention of the material and provide a better avenue for applying the new skills to real world situations Gagne,Carder et al.

Gagne's 9 events of instruction were incorporated into the structure of each course lecture.

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Gagne’s Nine Events of Instruction