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The analysis was carried out according to the thematic analysis procedure described by Miles and Huberman [16]. Middle range theories are more concrete and narrower than grand theories, being composed of a limited number of concepts and positions described relatively concretely on a specific level.

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Boston: Little, Brown and Company. Caring in nursing: investigating the meaning of caring from the perspective of cancer patients in Beijing, China. Thus, all categories of data were evaluated in order to identify the emerging topics in the listed articles.

The primacy of caring: Stress and coping in health and illness.

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We disagree with this contention. She also described how the five levels overlap each other, and indicated that their relationship to each other may also be hierarchical [14].

The importance of caring to nursing practice and the profession

Contributions MK was responsible for the study conception and design. Both positive and negative caring consequences for nurses included emotional-spiritual, professional and social outcomes. Sage, Thousand Oaks. Virginia Nurse. Positive and negative consequences for the health care system Positive consequences for the health care system include the creation of a therapeutic culture, which includes improved quality of care, increased preventative services, a cheerful environment and greater continuity of care. PubMed Gastmans C. Further, the promotion of interpersonal teaching-learning is found in Levels 3 and 5, and the allowance for existential-phenomenological spiritual forces can be seen in Levels 2 and 5. Caring is also affected by patient characteristics such as age, ethnicity, education, personal abilities, lifestyle, prior abuse and self-rated health [37] [38].
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Building Knowledge: The Concept of Care